LongeVC is an international venture capital firm.
We back visionary biotech companies and founders.
Focusing on seed and early-stage investment, our mission is to bring to market breakthrough biotech that will change lives and transform the nature of our health. Our portfolio companies are deploying AI to find new treatments for chronic illnesses, developing SaaS tools to accelerate life-changing medical research and more.
The LongeVC team has 50+ years of experience in biotech, investing, longevity science and more.
Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Toms Sturitis
Chief Operating Officer
Konstantinos Maitos
Chief Financial Officer
Rachel Pipan
Marketing and Communications Advisor
Juliana Q. Martins
Therapeutics Lead
Emil Syundyukov
IT Solutions Lead
Artemy Shumskiy
Investment Associate
Amrita Jain
Non-Therapeutics Lead
Vlad Cernoutan
Investment Associate
The LongeVC team and Advisory Board thoroughly vets all investments to guarantee impact, growth potential and success.
Proof of Concept
We look for startups with scientifically-backed ideas and a clear business plan.
Rapid Execution
We back companies ready to accelerate and bring life-changing technologies to market.
Scientific Expertise
We work closely with founders from the biopharma and biotech fields to launch new ventures.
Lean Operational Structure
A clear budget, timeline and business plan focused on results.
Best Talent in the Field
A strong supporting team and visionary founders are key to the success of biotech and longevity startups.
Industrial Validation
We look for early partnerships and interest within the existing biotech space.
LongeVC is proudly advised by experts in the biotech, business and longevity fields.
Head of the Advisory Board
Pioneer in AI for Drug Discovery and Longevity
Michael Levitt, PhD
Advisory Board Member
Nobel Laureate, Chemistry
Matt Kaeberlein, PhD
Advisory Board Member
Professor of Pathology and Genome Sciences
Evelyne Bischof, MD
Advisory Board Member
Chief Physician Associate of Internal Medicine
Miro Venturi, PhD
Advisory Board Member
CEO of Sintetica
Luis Angel, MBA
Advisory Board Member
President of DrFirst Consumer Division
Alexey Moskalev, PhD
Advisory Board Member
Leading Gerontologist in the CIS
Evgeny Izumchenko, PhD
Advisory Board Member
Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago
Mike Martin, PhD
Advisory Board Member
Director at Institute of Gerontology at the University of Zurich