LongeVC Joins Freedom Biosciences’ Funding Round For Psychedelic-Powered Mental Health Care

San Francisco, USA – 14 February 2023 – Biotech fund LongeVC has invested in psychedelics startup Freedom Biosciences. Founded by Yale University professor Dr. John Krystal and PsyMed Ventures co-founder Dina Burkitbayeva, Freedom Biosciences is developing next-generation therapeutics to treat mental health conditions. The company is supported by other psychedelics, biotech and longevity-focused funds and angel investors, including Marat Kichikov.

While many psychedelics are associated with recreational use, a growing body of research supports their powerful healing effects on debilitating mental health indications. Ketamine, for example, is highly effective in treating treatment-resistant depression. Dr. Krystal discovered these anti-depressant effects, and his clinical work and research at Yale were instrumental in developing Janssen’s Spravato Esketamine spray, which received FDA approval for patients with treatment-resistant depression in 2019.

Many patients have not been able to access these life-changing therapeutics due to their high cost, limited availability and the need for high frequency of administration. Freedom Bioscience’s approach to therapeutics prioritises accessibility. For example, its ketamine treatment program FREE001 potentially offers longer-lasting anti-depressant effects, reducing the need for time-consuming clinic visits.

“Clinical research has already shown how powerful psychedelics can be in managing difficult-to-treat mental health conditions,” Freedom Biosciences co-founder and CEO Dina Burkitbayeva said. “We are harnessing their power to offer new, more effective medicines to patients in need.”

"Better mental health is essential for healthy longevity and should be treated as an integral part of the life extension agenda," LongeVC co-founder and managing partner Garri Zmudze said. “By tackling some of the most pressing psychological conditions, we strive to support lives that are longer and healthier, both physically and mentally.”

LongeVC is a venture capital firm investing in visionary biotech. In 2022, it backed companies pioneering life-changing technologies across cell rejuvenation, ovarian cancer diagnostics and AI-powered personalised cancer treatments.

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About Freedom Biosciences
Freedom Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology platform developing next-generation viable and efficacious ketamine and psychedelic therapeutics. The company was co-founded by Dr. John Krystal, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University, and Dina Burkitbayeva, founder of PsyMed Ventures, alongside Hunter Bouchard and Morgan Springer. Freedom Biosciences launched from stealth in 2022 and is backed by MBX Capital, Village Global and PsyMed Ventures, among others. To learn more, visit:

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