LongeVC Backing Ani Biome, an Agetech Startup Focused on Gut Health

Co-founded by Nika Pintar and Bruno Balen, Ani Biome is a startup focused on improving gut inflammation to promote longevity. By using multiple proprietary ML models, Ani Biome can non-invasively assess its clients through a digital platform and personalize AgeBiotics (naturally-derived molecules) to improve gut microbiome function. The Ani Biome team developed a methodology to significantly increase the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) within the gut, using the gut as an "internal bioreactor" to decrease the low-grade chronic inflammation, which is a common underlying process in chronic conditions related to aging.

The AniBiome app provides daily gut health scanning and tracks the client's journey using GenAI (named Vitalligence™) through proprietary tongue scans and a graph database that approximates emotional states.

Multiple studies have demonstrated the health benefits of fermentation-derived nutrients. Employing cutting-edge metabolomics, Ani Biome’s scientists were able to link these small molecules with desired metabolic and psychological health outcomes, which led to the creation of AgeBiotics™, the company’s flagship product. AgeBiotics have a higher bioavailability of nutrients compared to other fermented products, thanks to the company’s proprietary fermentation process, and are preclinically and clinically confirmed to carry health benefits.
Ani Biome is currently working on creating more potent and precise molecules designed through their multi-layered ML models based on quantum chemistry.
We are happy to share that Ani Biome joined LongeVC’s portfolio of companies. Stay tuned for more announcements. To learn more about Ani Biome, visit their website here.