Longevity.Technology: Industrially significant Alzheimer’s drug trial results warrant cautious excitement

In late September, Eisai and Biogen announced the completion of Eisai’s international Phase 3 Clarity Alzheimer’s clinical trial of lecanemab, an "investigational anti-amyloid beta (Aβ) protofibril antibody for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment (MCI)." The results of the study showed a promising step forward in Alzheimer's treatment: a 27% reduction in cognitive decline compared to placebo groups.

LongeVC's Founding and Managing Partner, Sergey Jakimov, shared his opinion with Longevity.Technology on this news, summarizing his reaction to the news of this trial as "cautiously hopeful." While this is an exciting step forward for Alzheimer's treatment, there is a long way to go before scientists come close to curing the disease. Of course, for the millions of patients and families suffering from the disease, any progress is momentous and can make a difference in the lives of afflicted patients. 

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