LongeVC Supporting News & Insights Company First Longevity

As the longevity ecosystem grows, access to information on updates and advancements in the field will be instrumental in bringing longevity progress to mainstream awareness. As part of our mission to invest in promising biotech and longevity start-ups, LongeVC views accessible longevity information as instrumental in ensuring the industry’s success. We are proud to announce we have backed international longevity company, First Longevity, to help make this goal a reality. 

First Longevity is a B2B and B2C informational platform focused on delivering daily news, updates and insights from the longevity field. The First Longevity team noticed the lack of a unified platform for this sort of information in the longevity field and is building a resource for stakeholders from across the industry to share and access this valuable content. 

First Longevity’s offerings include a news outlet, LongevityTechnology, which covers key themes in the industry, including investment updates, reports from longevity researchers, product reviews and much more. LongevityTechnology also shares insights from the biotech and AI/digital health sectors. The site acts as a “one-stop-shop” for anyone interested in longevity to hear from founders, follow new deals and evaluate the efficacy of supplement claims. While several blogs and media outlets focus on longevity, LongevityTechnology has established a competitive edge by providing broad coverage that explores numerous facets of the industry and is continuously adding new consumer-facing capabilities to the website. 

In addition to LongevityTechnology, First Longevity also offers a platform to convene early-stage longevity companies with potential investors. Numerous equity crowdfunding platforms for early-stage companies have become popular in the past years. However, the First Longevity platform will be specifically tailored to match the unique needs of longevity start-ups and their founders. 

LongeVC has provided an instant investment to support the growth of First Longevity and its product offerings. As the longevity economy is projected to reach a $27 trillion market size in 2026, LongeVC views First Longevity’s platforms as vital steps toward mainstreaming the longevity industry and highlighting its growth potential.