Longevity.Technology: Longevity is Gaining Momentum and It’s Time for Healthcare to Catch Up

LongeVC Managing Partner Sergey Jakimov is a firm believer in the power of the individual to control their health. In the past year, longevity has started to enter the mainstream. People are choosing regular movement, balanced diets, and quality sleep because of a renewed focus on wellness. New technology like wearables and at-home tests provide a previously inaccessible level of personal understanding. Importantly, these habits also directly translate to longevity.
However, most modern healthcare systems have not caught up. Physicians and clinics offer limited information on longevity, and funds go toward treating as many patients as possible. Instead of a proactive approach to health, reactive categorization and treatments lead the way.
The solution lies in a more personalized and preventative future for our health. This includes integrating longevity principles and educating patients on how they can stop diseases before they start.
Sergey will explore this theme in Longevity.Technology over the next few months. Read the first article here, and stay tuned for more.