LongeVC Fuels Haut.AI's Vision of Personalised Skincare through €2 Million Seed Funding

Haut.AI, an Estonia-based generative AI startup, has secured €2 million in seed funding from LongeVC and Grupo Boticário to expand its B2B SaaS in the skincare domain.

The company's recent product launches in 2023, including SkinGPT, have shown promising strides in beauty and skincare intelligence. The funds will scale Haut.AI's no-code skincare e-commerce personalisation software and advance R&D in multimodal generative AI for skin analysis.

Haut.AI has a unique approach, turning selfies into diagnostic tools for online businesses, aiding in curated product discovery and personalised skincare recommendations. They aim to democratise skincare analysis, making it accessible regardless of age, gender, or geography, and envision a data-driven skincare retail ecosystem.

This initiative has already captured the attention of key industry stakeholders, with notable partnerships with Beiersdorf and Ulta Beauty. Haut.AI holds a significant dataset comprising over 150 biomarkers, 3+ million images, and over a billion data points, facilitating unbiased and equitable AI development in skin care.

Their recent announcement of SkinGPT showcases a virtual skincare try-on tool enabling image-to-image simulation of various skin conditions using clinical claims. Haut.AI is also committed to ethical AI practices, utilising generative AI to check system biases.

This funding round marks a significant step towards realising their vision of transforming the skincare industry.

Read the full press release to learn how Haut.AI is carving the path for the future of personalised skincare retail.
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