JKR Partners with Biotech and Longevity Investment Fund LongeVC

JKR Investment Group announced today that it has extended its portfolio by becoming a limited partner of longevity-focused fund LongeVC. JKR will be contributing to LongeVC’s work supporting visionary biotech and longevity-focused startups and founders. With LongeVC, JKR joins pioneers investing in the $600B+ biotech market.

LongeVC is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage biotech and longevity-focused startups, aiming to build an ecosystem of interrelated companies dedicated to advancing life-changing discoveries. JKR is an investment group that accelerates companies across the tech industry. Their in-depth experience building strong and long-lasting ecosystems will help facilitate the LongeVC mission of backing visionary biotech. 

The biotech sector has rapidly scaled in the past decades, introducing breakthroughs related to topics like gene editing, synthetic DNA, biosensors and more. While biotech is an up-and-coming sector with enormous growth potential, it remains a niche and sometimes high-risk sector for traditional investment funds. As the longevity sector gains traction and reaches mainstream understanding, funding new research and discoveries will be vital to advance the industry. Partnerships like JKR and LongeVC are becoming increasingly essential for this development.

“As an investor, we are privileged to choose from the industries and sectors that we believe will have the most impact. Biotech has recently become one of the most complex and attractive sectors that, with the right support, offers hundreds of opportunities to enhance our lives. Our partnership with LongeVC will allow us to extend our portfolio to the longevity space and continue to positively impact society,” said Alexander Gusev, CEO and Co-Founder of JKR Investment Group.

Sergey Jakimov, Managing Partner of LongeVC, agreed, adding, “We are excited to have JKR join us as a limited partner. We look forward to learning from their experience and are proud to advance the biotech and longevity sectors together.” 

About JKR Investment Group
JKR Investment Group is an entrepreneurial investment fund that helps ambitious startups and growing companies build profitable businesses. The group was founded in 2017 and has invested in and built over a dozen companies since then. JKR invests in digital marketing, sports and eSports content creation, sports data analytics and education. Learn more at 

About LongeVC
LongeVC is an international venture capital firm backing visionary biotech companies and founders. Focusing on seed and early-stage investment, our mission is to bring to market breakthrough biotech that will change lives and transform the nature of our health. Our portfolio companies are deploying AI to find new treatments for chronic illnesses, developing SaaS tools to accelerate life-changing medical research and more. We are proud to work with our highly involved and expert advisors, investors and partners to achieve this mission and shape the future of biotech. Learn more about us and our portfolio companies at