Sifted: 13 European Longevity Startups Worth Paying Attention To

As more people nowadays die from diseases caused by old age rather than because of infectious disease, humans are finally starting to understand the reasons behind aging, looking for ways how to overcome it. This has created a whole new ecosystem of early-stage biotech companies and VC investors who now share an innovative mission – curing aging.

Although the longevity industry is still dominated by the United States, Europeans are aiming towards success in biotech as well – such as the Latvian-based firm LongeVC. Its first fund has €35m available for investments in early-stage longevity startups. “We will be looking at both invasive approaches that would require some sort of clinical validation and non-invasive, like AI for drug discovery,” says Sergey Jakimov, partner at LongeVC.

Apart from startups working on the drugs or the end of our chromosomes, there are the ones who make sure we measure it all in detail. With the use of AI and biomarkers, such startups have an important role to play in the field of longevity. The following article provides a list of thirteen European longevity startups worth paying attention to. Read the full article here: