Sifted: Industrially significant Alzheimer’s drug trial results warrant cautious excitement

LongeVC and its managing partners Garri Zmudze and Sergey Jakimov joined Sifted journalist Adam Green for a conversation on pet genetics, biotech investing and how funding animal longevity relates to human longevity.

Sergey noted, “Everything we have seen happening in humans, in terms of predictive and personalised medicine and genetics-based diagnostics, has migrated into the pet space. This is super exciting because pets, as living beings, have equalised themselves in importance in terms of how much money and attention is spent on their longevity, and in disease diagnostics and prevention.” 

Our co-founder and Managing Partner Garri Zmudze invested in Basepaws, a feline genetic testing company that offers cat owners more insights into their animal's health, including potential for disease and breed characteristics. Basepaws was recently acquired by Zoetis, one of the leading animal health companies in the United States.

At LongeVC, we invest in early-stage biotech and longevity companies - for humans and animals alike. We look forward to future progress in the area and more understanding of the power of genetics for pets and people. 

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