LongeVC: What longevity investors are really looking for

In a recent interview with Health Tech World, Sergey Jakimov, a co-founder of LongeVC, delved into the intricacies of the longevity and anti-aging market. The market is burgeoning, with a projected valuation of $44.92 billion by 2030. Sergey has played an instrumental role by raising over $25 million in venture funds, earning him recognition on Forbes Latvia’s 30 under 30 in technology and healthcare. Founded in 2020, LongeVC backs startups in sectors like consumer health, AI for drug discovery, biotech, and gene therapy.

Instead of being captivated by the idea of living indefinitely, Sergey emphasizes the importance of increasing the 'healthspan'—the period of one's life free from chronic diseases. LongeVC stands out for its meticulous scientific due diligence, investing 90% of its time in science. They also believe in incorporating business development strategies right from the start of a venture. The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war have reshaped the biotech investment landscape. Despite these hurdles, Sergey believes it's an opportune time for investment, particularly as companies with sound scientific backing continue to thrive.

One notable mention from LongeVC’s portfolio is AOA Dx, an early ovarian cancer diagnostics innovator.

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