LongeVC Joins CatenaBio’s $2.35M Seed Extension Round

Soon, it will be possible to supplement treatment regimens (and drugs) with therapeutics that can target specific cells without altering their genetic makeup. This is one way personalized medicine becomes more accessible and scalable to more patients.

CatenaBio, a groundbreaking biotech spun out of the labs of Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Jennifer Doudna and Prof. Matt Francis at UC Berkeley, is driving this forward. Their technology makes it possible to create never-before-possible therapeutic structures that support multiple types of payloads of any size and complexity. These first-in-class ‘multi payload conjugates,’ called MPCs™, allow for the creation of novel therapeutics in oncology, autoimmune disorders, and vaccine development - among many other fields.

We are happy to share that LongeVC joined CatenaBio’s $2.35M seed extension round together with the Cal Innovation Fund, Civilization Ventures, Pioneer Fund, FreeFlow, Caffeinated Capital, and the American Cancer Society. To learn more about CatenaBio, visit their website here.