Personalised Oncology Platform PreComb Therapeutics Closes 1.3 Million CHF Pre-Series A Round

HOMBRECHTIKON, SWITZERLAND – PreComb Therapeutics announced today that it closed its 1.3m CHF Pre-Series A Round. Biotech and deep tech-focused venture capital firms LongeVC and Kinled, in addition to family offices and private investors, participated in the investment. PreComb is developing an evidence-based therapy prediction for cancer drug discovery and therapy guidance using its patented 3DTwin® technology. 

Cancer remains one of the leading killers, with about 10 million deaths worldwide attributed to the disease in 2020. While personalised medicine is gaining traction in other medical fields, only 5%–10% of cancer patients currently benefit from customised treatment plans matching their unique genetic profile. 

PreComb’s groundbreaking technology generates 3D tumour twins that mimic the behaviour and characteristics of the original tumour. The 3DTwins® then undergo AI-supported testing using a broad range of cancer drugs to determine which treatments will be most effective for an individual cancer patient. In the future, physicians will be able to use PreComb to conduct fully automated tests directly in their clinics for rapid results and direct treatment planning.

“Cancer is an incredibly individualised disease,” said Jens M. Kelm, CEO and co-founder of PreComb. “Success of treatment depends largely on the unique tumour profile as well as the patient's biology. PreComb removes the guesswork from treatment protocols to ensure patients receive therapies tailored to their unique needs. We look forward to working with our new investors to advance our technology’s capabilities and reach.”

LongeVC Managing Partner and co-founder Sergey Jakimov said, “Personalised medicine is the future of healthcare. PreComb is using this technology to transform the narrative on cancer treatment and help individuals live longer and healthier lives post-diagnosis. We are proud to back their industry-defining work in oncology.”

Chairman of Kinled Patrick Aisher said, “PreComb will not only help patients receive the best treatments available but also serve as an invaluable resource for physicians and drug developers. By investing in their technology, we aim to unlock a greater understanding of cancer medicine for all.” 

About PreComb
PreComb Therapeutics AG is a privately held Swiss biotech company founded in 2018 by Jens M. Kelm, Peter Steiner and Olivier Mauti to develop technologies that bring precision medicine benefits to all cancer patients. PreComb is pioneering breakthrough technologies to directly test the drug response of individual cancer patients based on patient-derived 3D microtumors. For the first time, a fully automated point-of-care solution is being developed for determining drug sensitivity or resistance directly in the clinic. This offers the unique ability to routinely test entire portfolios of cancer drugs and drug combinations in large-scale, making the technology a universal tool from drug discovery to guiding therapies. For more information about PreComb Therapeutics, please visit

About LongeVC
LongeVC is an international venture capital firm investing in visionary biotech companies and founders. Focusing on seed and early-stage investment, LongeVC’s mission is to bring to market breakthrough biotech that will change lives and transform the nature of our health. Its portfolio companies are deploying AI to find new treatments for chronic illnesses, developing SaaS tools to accelerate life-changing medical research and more. LongeVC is proud to work with its highly involved and expert advisors, investors and partners to achieve this mission and shape the future of biotech. Learn more about LongeVC portfolio companies and join the fund as an investor at

About Kinled 
Kinled is a privately owned investment holding company in the life sciences, digital and financial technology industries. The Vienna-based company has sister offices in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Berne and has direct investments in over 100 companies, as well as being a founder shareholder in the Central European Biotechnology Incubator & Accelerator at the University of Vienna. For more information about Kinled, please visit