Longevity.Technology: How will the biotech downturn impact on the longevity ecosystem?

LongeVC's Sergey Jakimov offers insights into the biotech downturn's impact on the longevity ecosystem, outlining the current challenges and future opportunities. The article discusses the necessity for the biotech sector to recalibrate expectations and focus on data-driven valuations, shifting away from speculative investments. It highlights the increased emphasis on pre-clinical data and the pivot towards single-disease therapeutics. The piece also touches on the mental health implications for professionals in the field due to industry instability. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of sustainable scaling and the return to fundamental research for meaningful advancements in longevity science.

The article encourages a reframed perspective on downturns as opportunities for growth and innovation. With a more realistic and stable approach, the longevity sector is expected to emerge more robust and focused.

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