SiPhox Health and LongeVC: Improving Healthspans with At-Home Health Testing

According to the CDC, six out of ten people in the United States live with a chronic disease. These include lung and heart diseases like asthma and hypertension, age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, and emergent conditions like cancer. While chronic diseases often develop with age, they can impact individuals in all life stages. Tracking, treating, and preventing chronic conditions is a cornerstone of human longevity.

Cutting-edge technology applications transform how we approach chronic disease diagnosis and management. LongeVC is proud to participate in SiPhox Health’s $27 million Series A round to scale access to healthcare. SiPhox Health offers a low-cost and convenient health testing option with in-home sensors and mail-in kits. The test takes only ten minutes, and the results are available within a few days. You can read the full article in TechCrunch here.

Biomarkers, a form of health measurement, are essential in longevity care. SiPhox’s tests track 17 biomarkers, including values for inflammation, metabolic fitness, hormone and nutritional balance, and cardiovascular health. It also syncs with wearable data, offering coverage for health trackers like the Oura Ring, Apple Watch, and Fitbit, as well as medical devices like insulin pumps and glucose monitors. Patients receive a clearer picture of their health through a wellness dashboard and can work with their physicians to address potential risk areas from the testing.

MIT scientists Diedrik Vermeulen and Michael Dubrovsky are the visionaries behind SiPhox Health, founding the company with a mission to leverage silicon photonics to put a lab-grade health testing device in every home. Silicon photonics is a semiconductor technology best known for transforming internet connectivity. Each disposable SiPhox chip contains between 15 and 120 sensors, and semiconductor fabricators can produce up to one billion sensor chips per month. The team brings deep industry expertise from the startup, healthcare, and photonics sectors.

“At-home diagnostic tools are essential in detecting and treating diseases, preventing early deaths,” Diedrik Vermeulen, SiPhox Health co-founder and CEO, said. “LongeVC's investment in SiPhox is in clear alignment with their investments in longer and healthier lives. We are excited to join their community and connect with others in their ecosystem.”

“Health data accessibility is a core component of individual longevity understanding,” Garri Zmudze, LongeVC co-founder and managing partner, added. “SiPhox Health empowers individuals to track their health and make lifestyle decisions supporting their bodies’ unique needs. We are excited to support their work and bring in-home testing and longevity awareness to more people.”

In addition to LongeVC, SiPhox Health’s backers comprise leading investors such as Intel Capital, Khosla Ventures, Kortex Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Metaplanet, Shorewind Capital, Overlap Holdings, and Duke Capital Partners. Are you interested in learning more about LongeVC’s investment opportunities? Contact us here.