Longevity Technology: Interview with the Co-Founder of LongeVC Sergey Jakimov

Longevity Technology is bringing together the whole longevity community. Co-founder of LongeVC had the honour to talk to contributing editor Danny Sullivan about the origins and plans of this venture capital fund focused strongly on the longevity industry.

LongeVC is a $35 million early stage investment fund based in Riga, Latvia established by partners Ilya Suharenko, Garri Zmudze and Sergey Jakimov. All have private investing experience in biotech ventures and have invested in Insilico Medicine.

“We’re combining academic knowledge and market knowledge so that when we look at these early stage ventures, we understand if the science makes sense, and whether the industry will be looking that way in five or ten years,” says Sergey Jakimov. “Are they doing something disruptive? Are they providing a substantial innovative step?”

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