LongeVC Portfolio Company Longenesis Announces Partnership with Leading Medical Device Company Medtronic

Latvian company Longenesis, co-founded by an investment group based in Europe LongeVC, Insilico Medicine, and other biotech top-tier players, has just announced a partnership with medical device company Medtronic. Longenesis will also work together with diabetes patient organizations to pilot a digital patient-centric approach for patient engagement into research and data-driven advocacy initiatives.

The lack of an individual approach for patient engagement has left them with a vague understanding of their role in research processes. It is slowing down many initiatives aiming to improve their quality of life through advocacy and research. To tackle the issue a new digital solution is introduced under the study that will ensure a smoother engagement process via dynamic patient identification, digital onboarding, and follow-up communication using Longenesis flagship products - Engage and Curator.

"With a multi-stakeholder approach, Longenesis aims to scale this concept within the EU framework and present the results achieved by our solutions to academic and industrial partners worldwide. Longenesis aims to bring opportunities to the industry for robust and patient-centric research and apply it universally among multiple disease groups, regions, and institutions,” says Emil Syundyukov, CTO of Longenesis.

The new collaboration with Medtronic and patient advocacy bodies in Latvia is aimed to provide patient advocates, investigators, and industrial stakeholders with a better understanding of what is happening outside of the clinical disease setting. Through the engagement solutions, patient organizations and investigators take part in data insight generation, necessary for efficient advocacy efforts.

"Preparation and execution of type 1 diabetes research and advocacy project is Medtronic's first cooperation with Longenesis. We highly value the professional attitude, friendly communication, and efficient and quick work of the team to prepare and execute the research project. The digital approach and tools used by Longenesis for this project have greatly impacted the speed of patient enrolment, are easy to use by participants and researchers, and comply with the highest standards of safety, data protection and are participant-centric,” says the representative of the Medtronic Baltic office.

The core of the pilot project is to ensure the highest privacy standards and easy-to-use consent management that would earn patients' trust and raise engagement for future projects. The digital approach to patient engagement has been the top priority for everyone involved. It reduces the time and costs of the research and advocacy initiative while making it more accessible and results in more representative.

“Longenesis provides a unique blend of enabling study sponsors to identify, access, and engage patients for clinical research, preserving privacy and data-stays-local principle at the same time. It puts the company in a unique position of having a strong value proposition both for biopharma and healthcare stakeholders,” says Ilya Suharenko, MP of LongeVC.

About Longenesis
Longenesis, co-founded by Insilico Medicine and other top-tier biotech players, is a medical technology start-up company providing a technological bridge between healthcare institutions and the Biotech industry to unlock the hidden value of biomedical data and accelerate the novel drug and treatment discovery. Our team has experience working with biomedical organizations and unlocking the potential for accelerating the R&D process around the globe, including National level projects in the Middle East, U.S., EU, and APAC regions.

About LongeVC
LongeVC is an investment group, specializing in curating, facilitating, and executing early-stage venture investments in the fields of biotech and longevity. The current investment portfolio of LongeVC includes Insilico Medicine, a global leader in AI-driven drug discovery, Longenesis, an end-to-end collaborative biotech research enabler, Basepaws, the first comprehensive DNA sequencing solution for pets, as well as other biotech industry-specific companies. With its latest exit, LongeVC has announced the creation of its first official early-stage investment fund, focused on biotech and longevity opportunities, with backing from the most prominent advisory board in the longevity industry.

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