LongeVC Portfolio Company Melio Featured in Fogarty Innovation and KPBS Evening Edition

Fast and accurate diagnoses are critical for improving the chances of full recovery. However, the current standard of care takes days, leading to suboptimal delays. Melio, a LongeVC’s portfolio company, has developed a diagnostic platform for infectious diseases that can identify pathogens in a matter of hours. Their progress is promising in the worldwide fight against antibiotic resistance.

In a recent article, Melio CEO Mridu Sinha, Ph.D. shares more about the company's mission and vision, and how becoming a member of Fogarty Innovation's Company Accelerator Program (CAP) has been a game-changer for her and for Melio.

You can read more about it here.

Moreover, Melio co-founder and scientific advisor Stephanie Fraley shared more about their technology for KPBS Evening Edition. You can watch it here (starting at 12:30).
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