Discovering new drugs with AI

Insilico Medicine applies generative AI to discover new treatments for COVID-19, pulmonary disease and other conditions.
Engaging patients in clinical trials

Longenesis builds software that makes it easier for patients and study organizers to collect, analyze, and manage medical data.
Pioneering pet longevity

Basepaws. Different breeds, different needs. Every cat is unique. Get to know your cat's health and behavior better with a feline DNA Test.
Measuring your biological age

Deep Longevity provides a SaaS solution integrating multiple biomarkers of aging dubbed "deep aging clocks" to provide a comprehensive and universal measure of human biological age.
Rejuvenating cells

Turn.bio is developing mRNA medicines formulated to instruct specific cells in the body to fight disease or repair damaged tissue.
Detecting ovarian cancer with blood tests

AOA Dx is developing the first accurate early-stage non-invasive ovarian cancer diagnostic test that will improve clinical practice, reduce patient mortality and deliver cost savings.
Powering the longevity industry

First Longevity brings together innovators and investors to support the companies that will form the longevity economy. Longevity.Technology is the industry's leading media outlet.
Personalizing cancer treatments

PreComb leverages artificial intelligence to test cancer treatments on genetically identical tumor sample twins.
Reversing skin ageing

Marble deploys genetic solutions to solve skin ageing at the molecular level.

Delivering new mental health approaches

Freedom Biosciences
is developing cutting-edge ketamine therapies for treatment-resistant depression.
Improving newborn infection diagnosis

Melio provides an advanced diagnostic platform to detect pathogens faster and more effectively than existing solutions.

Unlocking your personal health

SiPhox Health provides cutting-edge at-home health testing offering insights into cardiovascular health, metabolism, hormones, and more.

We are curating an ecosystem of biotech and longevity-focused companies ready to change the world. We facilitate connections for the companies we invest in, linking them with forward-thinking leaders and readily available growth prospects to drive their advancement.

Powering AI-enabled analytics for skincare

offers personalized wellness tools that empower users to make better skin and body health choices.

Funding the future of longevity research

The Longevity Science Foundation is an international non-profit funding early-stage research on extending the healthy human lifespan.

Personalised bioactive compounds

Ani Biome is a longevity startup pursuing a microbiome-centric approach through personalized bioactive supplements .

Leveraging bacteria for drug discovery

Interface Biosciences is a drug discovery company developing platform to identify metabolites derived from microorganisms to treat a range of diseases, starting from atopic dermatitis.
Unlocking undruggable targets

Unnatural Products is pairing ML with chemistry and leveraging the power of macrocycles to create treatments for undruggable or hard-to-reach drug targets.

Advancing the longevity industry

The Longevity Biotech Association is a consortium aiming to advance the long industry by setting standards, educating stakeholders, and encouraging partnerships.

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