Garri Zmudze is a founding partner of LongeVC, a venture capital company supporting early-stage biotech and longevity-focused founders that are changing the world.

Garri Zmudze

Managing Partner

Garri Zmudze is an investor and advisor for deeptech companies developing life-changing solutions across biotech, medicine, longevity and more.

Garri is committed to building a world where everyone has more healthy years with their loved ones. He co-founded the Longevity Science Foundation, a global nonprofit funding early-stage research on extending the healthy human lifespan, in 2021. Garri is also co-founder and managing partner at LongeVC, a venture capital firm investing in visionary biotech and longevity.
Outside of his work with LongeVC, Garri is one of longevity's top angel investors. He has several successful exits across biotech and emerging tech companies, including Insilico Medicine, Deep Longevity and Basepaws.

Garri is a trusted advisor for top companies across web3 and biotech, like Cointelegraph, IoTEX, PsyMed Ventures, Longenesis, Insilico Medicine and the Healthy Longevity Medicine Society. He is a member of the Longevity Biotechnology Association.
Lugano, Switzerland
Miami, United States
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