Tech Partner at Pretiosum Ventures, Co-founder of Lydian Group, Executive at Quantum Brains Capital and Automated Intelligence Systems (AIS).

Gregory Fishman

Venture Partner

Greg Fishman is a venture partner at LongeVC and has been a Tech Partner at Pretiosum Ventures since 2019, focusing on AI, Fintech, and future business models.

He co-founded the Lydian Group, a London-based conglomerate supporting tech startups, where he serves as Chief Information Officer. The conglomerate houses startups, including Cointelegraph and CrossTower, with over 35 million users, 500 institutional clients, and a monthly trading volume of over $20 billion.

In 2010, he founded Quantum Brains Capital in Berlin, actively participated as a product and technology advisor, and took on roles as an angel investor in startups. Since 2006, Greg has overseen AIS, an AI and ML research institute, with around 50 researchers delving into sophisticated algorithms based on artificial intelligence to trade the financial markets.
Lugano, Switzerland
Miami, United States
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