Maximizing Net Present Value of Life

Our mission is to extend healthy human longevity by investing in transformative companies with solid business models and completed proof of concept studies.

You can not colonize Mars or explore deep space without making humans more resistant to radiation.

Interventions contributing to radiation resistance will contribute to longevity and vice versa.
We invest in companies that satisfy the following criteria:
Lean operational structure
Best talent in the field
Rapid execution
Proof of concept
Publications in peer-reviewed journals
The company already received at least one grant or seed funding.
Some of our portfolio companies are in stealth mode.
Your company does not need to be on analyst radars to be considered by LongeVC.
The companies we invest in already have a clear vision for what they want to achieve. Our role is to make sure that this vision leads to a sustainable and profitable business. Without interfering with the day to day activities, we will analyze the market opportunities for every technology our portfolio companies have to offer.
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